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Discussion in 'Vehicle Builds' started by Kevin h, Oct 26, 2017.

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    I'm in the process of putting a wrecker body with a boom winch on a 85 Ford f 350. It is a PTO driven winch I was wondering if I should box the entire frame because its primary use is going to be off road recovery. Should it be better or worse for the frame to have flex or no flex that's my question. Any advice is welcome IMG_20171024_161541.jpg , IMG_20171025_105445.jpg
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    Flex designed in by Ford isnt bad.. it keeps the frame from actually cracking... the stresses you put on the frame by boxing it can be both good and bad... where you make it stronger you transfer those loads elsewhere..

    My advice.. build the truck.. use it.. and then see if the frame is the issue. There were plenty of period 4 x 4 light duty wreckers running around Pismo beach for years that have never been reinforced

    There are some great resources out there for you... this company has plenty of youtube videos on their frame modifications... and worth a look


    I also suggest this forum for some of your questions


    and finally

    If you want professional tow advice ..go here.. anything you ever wanted to know about tow trucks, tow truck builds, and tow truck equipment


    I have a period 1979 Ford F350 dually holmes-built wrecker that I have restored in the back of the shop... dentsides are my favorite... I have a bunch (and F600s too)

    Have fun
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