Torchmate consumables unavailable from Lincoln

Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by Jeff Ragsdale, Jan 6, 2023.

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    Mar 23, 2022
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    I tried to take advantage of the discount offered in December for consumables. I ordered way more than I needed at the moment to save a few bucks. Fast-forward a month and I have less than half of what I ordered - most importantly the BK12849-3 (LC100M) electrode. I was told yesterday that they are unavailable due to "supply chain" issues. WHAT?

    I am down to two electrodes and it is not uncommon to change them every day. For want of an $11 copper electrode this $50k machine that I am still making payments on is grounded.

    How does this happen? I find no alternate sources online. I was told that the scheduled backorder (from who knows where) is due January 17th. Deeply disappointed. Shame on me for not ordering more than a month in advance, I guess....
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