Torchmate blue screen "no Motor detected"

Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by RelianceWeldservices, Aug 18, 2022.

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    I have an Older torchmate with the blue screen and had a No motor detected fault and cant get jog slide to work no. I had a x axis crash due to someone leaving peice of scrap on the x axis but for some reason it stopped z axis from working.
    The torch motor has a red steady light on but every once and awhile it will go green and when i reset the controller it goes back to red. (PWR/servo light) the trajectory light flickers green
    I ohm tested the wires via layout from torchmate and everything is good.
    also the z axis motor spins freely up and down no binding at all.
    I tested the A1 and A2 and im getting 36.64 dc volts
    Is there something i can do to test motor before i buy a new motor.
    Torchmate is saying buy new motor before i spend the 2500+ just asking if theres anything i can do?

    Thanks for your time

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