Torch won't fire and AVHC doesn't work

Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by Rcktscientist, Mar 15, 2021.

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    4X4 Growth Series with Accumotive 2 controller, Bobcam 30 program. Haven't used system for about a year. Loaded a program and the torch ran the program but didn't move to plate or fire. Been troubleshooting for days. Torch fires when pins jumpered. Thought it was a post issue as instead of M64 and M65 it was M50 and M51. I loaded the Rosetta file that came with the system and the same thing happened. The first time I ran it the torch moved and touched off in Z but didn't fire and slowly moved up in Z. 2nd try the torch just went up slowly, didn't go down. 3rd try I started with torch all the way up. The torch fired when I hit start and the torch continued down until it hit the plate and disconnected. Any ideas? After reading the VMD guide again I suspect it may be a lockout issue.

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