Three-Tier Shoe Rack: Design | Cut | Build Season 2!

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by LECS Mark, May 23, 2017.

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    We needed a shoe rack to hold all of the slip-on steel toe shoes that we lend to customers that head to our facility for a tour, so we decided to make it this week's Design | Cut | Build video! We did a quick Google search for some inspiration and settled on the picture mentioned in the video. We liked how this particular design gave the Torchmate an opportunity to be used, as it would be incredibly difficult to replicate without a CNC machine.
    Shoe Rack CAD.JPG
    The design always comes from a quick sketch on some graph paper, and for some reason I really liked the "X" look of the side supports. It also took us down a rabbit hole of trying to make the entire shoe rack collapsible. We were successful, but it was entirely too difficult to achieve using only one person, so we just left it out of the video. BUT FOR THE RECORD, it did work ;).
    For this project we didn't need the three dimensional CAD software to create a model before we started cutting and assembling; instead, we did a few test runs of the side supports to make sure they would collapse, and once we were happy with the design we decided to let it rip! We used a little more than one 4x4 sheet of 3/16" hot-rolled pickled and oiled mild steel. We ground all of the pieces down and made sure that it all fit together nicely before we sent it off to paint.
    Shoe Rack -2.jpg
    And that was it! If you happen to wiggle the shoe rack side-to-side then you will find that it is a little top heavy, so using a thinner gauge material for the shelves would be a nice revision to this project. But I am really happy with how this turned out - as always. Let us know in the comment section below what you thought about this build project and what you would've done differently!
    Shoe Rack .jpg

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    Like that you posted the entire fab process and the cut parameters. Nice to see how the pros do it. Curious how you guys removed the dross on all the parts?

    Bench! Bench! Bench! :D
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    Tiger claw removes dross the best. But since we have our settings down there isnt a whole lot of dross to remove in the first place.

    That was the first thing I said is "Wheres the bench?"

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