Table Cutting Issue

Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by Pat @ PDJ, Mar 3, 2019.

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    I'm having some issues cutting with my TM3 Table (its about 10 years old), it will cut fine, and then all of a sudden the movement of the table gets messed up (I've attached a picture of my compute screen showing what it should look like, and a picture of the part on the table), I'm not sure if its a mechanical issue (slippage of the gears on the motors), or a motor going bad, or a shorted wire, or something else.

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    It is mechanical but also could be wiring. Downside of the TM2 is the one motor driving a side attached to a jack shaft. If the controller is ON, eliminate the slop on the gantry. Also check the belts and set screws on the pulleys.

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