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Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by GarageNerd, Feb 28, 2019.

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    when are we getting a new software update?

    im having multiple issues that are apparently known about for about a year now that have serious impact to productivity.

    if machine stops during plate marking it looses position and offsets again

    if i stop the machine the torch doesnt lift after the first pierce/cut and causes ihs error
    also sometimes it just doesnt give the ok to move signal after stopping it

    lots more..
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    The platemarker is a valid issue, you would have to physically press stop and when you resume the job it would double the offset.

    The other two are ambiguous as one does not affect the other. Yes if you jump to line it will not raise after the first cut but this has nothing to do with IHS error and would not cause you to have an IHS error. The other again has nothing to do with Ok to Move, this is in direct relation to your Pierce Delay and the Amperage plasma is set to. Common on 18 gauge and thinner materials where pierce delay is too long of a value, setting to Zero and reducing the Amps to 30 is proper for running thinner material, ie to large of a pierce hole plasma will not transfer + polarity to material and if that doesn't happen then you will not get an Ok to Move, reduce Pierce Delay and reduce Amps to correct.

    I do not have a time frame for next release but plate marker is on the list.

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