Slats and Suggested Water Pan Depth

Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by Distraction_Monkey, Nov 6, 2019.

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    Getting to know and love "my" Torchmate 4800 table! I "adopted" the table at a maker space because no one was using it! Poor thing.....

    I have looked in this forum, user guide, and for guidance on slats and suggested water depth but can't seem to find any information besides pan capacity.

    Should the water in the pan be level with the slats? (I've done this, but am wondering if this is adding to the dross), or should the water be slightly below? If so, about how much? Does it vary with different metals such as stainless or aluminum?

    I would appreciate any feedback on what other members seem to have the most success with.

    On another note....

    For those that are new to the table like I was about two months ago, the free online Torchmate University offerings are very useful, and this forum is invaluable!!

    Just remember to chunk your learning into manageable segments, be consistent with your learning path, and give yourself enough time to learn this AWESOME new skill! Otherwise expect to be frustrated...... :(

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