Run Torch from Here question.

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    I created a flag on our 4800 table. It is 47x95, just to make sure everything fit. Understand I am excited and somewhat in a hurry. The file imported perfect and was running perfect. Suddenly it quit and a notification come up and said cut is outside the So when I brought in in, I didn't move the file to 0,0. lol. Typical kid move, right. Well it is only 2-4" and I can easily freehand cut it. So I want to cut from the edge and finish it. I called tech and was told to:
    1. Zoom to job
    2. Click on the line where I want to start cutting from
    3. Click move torch to here
    4. Run from here
    I am having trouble selecting the line. Can you help?? I will also keep looking.
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    Probably best to use the RUN FRO TORCH POSITION. This is easier to get the torch to start at the "exact" location. move the torch to where it stopped. Press RUN FROM TORCH POSITION. Run job... worse come to worse. press GO TO PROGRAM ZERO. RESET. toggle to DRY RUN. Run the job until it gets to the location it stopped. Press STOP. then toggle back to ACTIVE RUN. Press RUN JOB. boom.

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