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    On this week's episode of Design | Cut | Build we designed and cut out a sign for a brand new restaurant coming to the Midtown Reno area. It was a pleasure working with them and the final product was the cherry on the top of all their hard work. The rustic colors and the industrial metal construction gave the restaurant even more identity than it already had, which as you can tell in the video, made the owner very happy.

    Restaurant Sign.PNG

    We started this process off by obtaining the restaurant logo from the owner and getting some general ideas from him about what he wanted the final design to look like. He wanted it to be copper and white, with the text of his restaurant name standing off by 2 inches. Easy.

    DCB Restaurant Sign Logo.PNG

    To make this possible we had to break apart the text of the restaurant's name from the rest of the logo and cut the pieces separately. This requires more material, but it's worth it in the end. This can be done in Torchmate CAD with a few simple node editing techniques that we show you in the video.

    DCB Restaurant Sign Welding.PNG

    The cutting process was fast and the grinding was even easier because we used a Torchmate XHD plasma cutting table. We tack welded a few pieces together and fully welded the two inch tube that acted as the offset in the design. After that, it was ready for paint and then ready for the install.

    There will not be any design files on this post as I don't think any of you want to cut out this sign, and nor does the owner of the restaurant want you to. :) If you have any questions about this episode of Design | Cut | Build let us know in the comment section below!
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