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    I was in the process of cutting a nest that I created. The holes in the program were causing a little slag buildup and were causing the program to stop. As I was cleaning the ohmic cap of any slag buildup the program moved. when I was done cleaning the cap, I went back to the point that I moved from and the program was in a different location. I decided to go back to my program zero point and dry run the program to my spot to start from. When the torch stopped at my program zero point I noticed it had moved over in the x direction a few inches. This is a very big problem as I was about 5 pieces into my nest and now I am not able to start at where I need to. Basically this plate is not usable for this program at the moment unless there is a way to get back to the original program zero. This is a plate of 1/2" that is 6' x 8' that I started to use. The cuts are at different points on the plate. It seems when we get one problem solved another shows up. What can I do to fix this?
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    There is no reason to scrap a part if you can get back to Program Zero even if you lose position. Use the Run from Here feature to position the torch over a corner of part that has already cut out, once the torch moves into position compare the position of torch to location of corner, note the distance that your are off in the X and Y direction. Go to Program Zero then jog the X and Y to set a new Program Zero (note Incremental moves work great here), run from here again to the same corner of part that has already cut out, compare to see if you are any closer. Run through the above procedure again till your are spot on so that now the gcode is back in sequence with torch position, then you can run from here from where you left off go to Active and Run Job.

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