Optimizer cut list different from design cut list

Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by Juinya, Jun 26, 2019.

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    Like the title says...
    My nephew designs all the cabinet projects we build. He brings the jobs to the CNC and we transfer the project to my computer. Same software versions and everything.
    This last project, he noticed the 3/8" flat panel doors were not the correct sizes, some were missing, etc...
    The difference is random and there is not a pattern we can find. One door is 1" too narrow, the next is 1/4" too short, the next two were skipped altogether.
    The strange part is, on his machine, we can run optimizer and all the parts layout correctly. On mine, they are wrong. On my computer, I can run a cut list report in Mozaik and it is correct, but after optimizer, they are wrong again.
    Last night, I restarted and did this process over again and the nest came out correct.
    I really need to be able to trust the nest 100% as this is a production operation and I don't have time to verify every size of every item prior to cutting.
    Currently, it is only a $100 sheet of Alder-what next time???
    I have sent the job to Mosaik Helpdesk so they are also looking into this but I like to ask this community as they knowledge here is powerful.

    Thanks again

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