Need design help with motorized cable reel windup

Discussion in 'General Fabrication' started by Mertin, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Hello out there! Where has this forum been all my life! I think this community may become my new home, thanks to any who can give some insight on this.

    I have a big tow-behind generator setup that I will be mounting a commercial utility box on the rear to house a cable wind up system.
    [​IMG] (like this one)
    I want to place a Cox cable reel on the inside of the box (already bought, and it fits inside), on the reel will be about 200' of 8ga or 6ga 4w cable.

    I have used the electric (12v) motor/reel combo from Cox in the past and the strain is too much for them, and the winding's always end up burned out (at $500-600 a pc), so time to fabricate.

    the generator has 120v 1ph and 480v 3ph so I was thinking of going to an ac motor.
    first thought was using a motor with built in gear-reduction but so far my search for the right torque output isn't encouraging. The other foreseeable problem will be no free spool (pull cable out) if it is direct to the reel.

    other thoughts were jack shafts and sprockets to get what I need but since the mechanism will be mounted below the box, having a mess of 2 or 3 reductions might look messy if there is a better way.

    anyone have any bright ideas or questions that maybe i should be asking myself (or others?)

    glad to be here

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