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Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by jolico, May 23, 2017.

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    Good day, was wondering if anyone has possible advice. I have a 4x4 table and finished cutting yesterday, this morning went to run a job and the right drive motor to off as usual but the right didn't move, after checking table square etc and manually brining the gantry back after shutting down I tried to turn the the pully section by hand and was very hard to turn. Is it possible the motor is going or gone, before ordering a new one thought I would see what you guys think Thanks in advance

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    Shut the controller down and swap the AXIS motor cables on the back. Your machine will move backwards but then you can start to determine either controller/cable/motor. When the controller is on it is sending holding power to the motors.

    If the motor still has issues on the other side pending on which machine you have and how much time you have is some customers swap the x motor with one of the Ys instead of purchasing a new motor. Most times steppers are pretty durable and only gets killed if there is a short or issue with the motor card. If you do determine it is a motor get a motor cable too JIC a short is in the cable.

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