Issues with nesting through VMD

Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by JEL DESIGNER, Jun 17, 2020.


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    I create the programs for single pieces. Our shop will sometimes take these single pieces and want to create stock. When the operator tries to do a nest through the VMD it doesn't work. it shows the next piece off the material. He sets all the settings needed to do the nest. With this problem our table operator isn't able to do other operations because he is having to do single pieces. He has to wait for the cut to finish and move the program to another area on the material. Any help with correcting this would be great. I would like to be able to connect with other people on here who are running a Table X. We have a Table X 6 x 14 with a Flexcut 125. I know all the tables work the same but it would be great to talk with people who are running this series.
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    Can you take screenshots of this and include the files to I would like to validate the process and see if we get the same result.

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