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Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by High Rollin', Aug 18, 2019.

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    I regularly get the following Error in VMD while cutting " IHS Error: Failed to detect material surface. Check work ground."

    This error occurs intermittently but when it does i can't find what causes it. I check grounds, move the ground clamp, clean the material, clean the torch head, move the material on the table i even cancel the program and start over. Each of the above items works occasionally but there's time when none of them work.

    Today for example i cut out 2 program with no issues then the error occurred and i was unable to rectify with the above steps.

    Does anyone have any experience with this error?

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    The Initial Height Sense (IHS) is an electrical circuit. The same with troubleshooting a light switch you would do the same with the IHS, you need to first turn on the switch to test the circuit; to do that Login as Admin (password 1234) go to Machine Settings to open Configuration Menu. In your version of the software if the Configuration Menus does not open up automatically you can go to Main Menu in upper left click Open and select the Configuration.wap to open. Click on Advanced Tab and press Relay Output to set it to On. Check the IHS detection light on right side of main screen, if detected that means you have contact between Nozzle and Shield Cap, remove Ohmic wire from torch body to see if the connection goes away if so reconnect Ohmic wire and check debris inside Shield Cap, screw Cap back in place and check connection light if still lit unscrew Cap 1/8 to 1/4 turn also ensure Shield Cap matches rating on Nozzle.

    On other hand if IHS light shows not detected, then jog torch down to touch material, ensure Shield Cap is making contact with material, if IHS still does not show detected then ground Ohmic wire on torch body to bus bar on side of table where the VFC box is grounded to. If IHS shows detected when you do this then it tells you there is no continuity between the material and the bus bar, normally due to rust, heavy mill scale or dirty/painted material.

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