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    Hello guys, I’m new here. I’ve got a 15’ by 48” “Jon boat”. Unfortunately, it’s been around the block and the previous owner put a motor on the back exceeding the recommended weight. I got the boat very cheap, and could honestly sell the motor etc. to make some money yet I really wanted to use this boat as a rig to practice my aluminum welding on. Anyways, because of this motor, the aluminum transom is sagging bad. The wood in the transom is gone which I know I can replace, yet I’d honestly be scared to cut the back of the boat out and weld a new transom in and trust it fully. But, I was curious as to how much something like this costs at a pro shop. I understand boats are not cheap, yet if It would cost me a ton to get it done I don’t think I’d be willing to do it and just part the boat out. Also, I’ve seen online a website called tb nation sells prewelded transoms ‘plates’ for about 500$. If getting my transom welded would cost more than this, does anyone think I could just remove the old wood, and on the inside weld the new all aluminum transom to the boat leaving the “sagging” outside layer? If you guys had any idea of a cost or I method let me know.

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