Dongle damaged

Discussion in 'CNC Cutting' started by Luis Rivas, May 17, 2020.

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    May 9, 2020
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    When I connect my dongle to my computer it appears Please Insert Disk when i Click on the cadlink.

    And now i can't Draw anything in my cad/cam

    Help Please
  2. LECS-Chad

    LECS-Chad Guest

    Plug in the dongle.

    Go to MY COMPUTER.

    Does the dongle show as a hard drive?

    If not, the dongle is bad and needs to be replaced. Call 7756732200 ext 3 (parts) with your serial number or go to and get it handled.

    If it does, then your license files need to be updated. There should be two files on the dongle (products.ini and products.lcf). Copy those two files to your C:\torchmate cad-cam folder. Overwrite the two already posted and open the TMCAD.



    -1 or 1 means that dongle is bad and needs replacement

    #0 or 0 means everything is good and TMCAD will work

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