DCB Season 3 - "Timeless Classic" Hot August Nights Trophy - S3-E5

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by LECS-Chad, Aug 21, 2018.

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    Custom trophies for 'local' events are a fun way to show off your creativity along with getting rid of some scrap parts. Case in point for this trophy we made for the Hot August Nights car event in Reno, NV.

    Aaron is a great place to find old rusty car parts plus having the table to cut those "not so" common parts makes this trophy truly original.


    1 (1).JPG


    Cut Parameters:
    • Table: Torchmate 4400
    • Plasma Cutter: FlexCut 80
    • Material: 11ga/14ga Mild Steel
    • Amperage: 40 amps
    • Cutting Speed: 90 ipm/140ipm

    Making the parts and other pieces for the clock were just as quick to draw up in the TM CAD software. By using some of the designing features like the FIT TEXT TO ARC and Array tool allowed laying out bolt holes to the proper spacing and arcing the text practically fail-proof.


    1 (288).JPG

    1 (278).JPG


    And there she is... Getting handed out to Weaver Customs from West Jordan, UT for their "Timeless Classic"

    It was a successful and hot show for everyone involved.
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    I like it, a clock for an award is a great idea.

    love the use of spare parts

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