DCB Season 3 - Hitch Wagon S3E6

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    This week Chad wanted us to build him a hitch wagon so Aaron came up with a drawing.
    Ep 6 Web (2).jpg

    After cutting all the pipe we cut some caps, welded them on and ground everything smooth.
    Ep 6 Web (5).jpg Ep 6 Web (11).jpg

    After welding the frame up we started cutting and tacking the expanded metal onto the frame.
    Cut Parameters:
    • Table: Torchmate 4400
    • Plasma Cutter: FlexCut 80
    • Material: 11ga/14ga Expanded Mild Steel
    • Amperage: 40 amps
    • Cutting Speed: 90 ipm/120 ipm
    Ep 6 Web (18).jpg
    Ep 6 Web (19).jpg

    After welding in the nameplate and the handle mounts the Bad Wagon is born.
    Ep 6 Web (21).jpg
    DSC_0625 - web.jpg

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