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    Hello Torchmaters!

    To keep everyone in the loop, the State of Nevada went on lockdown starting today at noon 3/18/2020.

    What does this mean for users of Torchmate tables?

    Our support team is still working and available at 7756732200 ext 4.

    To contact us there are three ways.

    This will take you to the support page. Fill out the information and it will create a case. Once created, our tech team can reach out to you to help resolve it.

    Email directly to us and this will get to our team. Provide your contact details and we will get with you.

    3. 7756732200 ext4.

    We appreciate your business and will try our hardest to make this less painful as needed.

    Keep posting here and we will be watching!

    Go cut something!

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