Anyone upgrade their growth series to linear rails or gear rack?

Discussion in 'General Fabrication' started by BlueSteel, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Dec 15, 2016
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    I've cleaned my machine a million times and adjusted the bearings but it still hangs up. Looking to see if anyone has converted it from lead screw to gear rack or eliminated the bearings to a linear rail
    Be nice if Lincoln offered an upgrade kit (hint hint)
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    Dec 15, 2015
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    do you notice where you GS hangs at? First thing to verify is the proper height of the gantry off of the ground rails. When the gantry moves up and down you can see the lead screw being pulled up/down which causes the gantry to bind. Get 44 cents (4 penny and 4 dimes) Loosen the bearings that ride on top of the gantry and place a penny and a dime under the gantry corners. Then adjust the bearings accordingly so the gantry has even spacing off of the ground rails and will eliminating warping the lead screw while running. make sure the gantry does rock, as that will cause other issues.
    Second, the side biting bearings on the gantry. Once the gantry is riding the proper height, take the inside bearings and move them out about 1/4" from the ground rail. The outside bearings, take a business card and use as a gauge to space the outside set to the ground rail. This will allow the outside set to 'roll' without the inside set binding against if there is some anomaly while moving the gantry up and down the table.

    After that, validate your tension on your belts and make sure they are consistent.

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