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  1. LECS-Chad
    more or less is the question of the day.
  2. Raechel Brown
    Raechel Brown Torchmate
    In need of some help with a design for my sheriffs dept and in a time crunch. Can someone help me out with design?
    1. Raechel Brown
      Raechel Brown
      Not sure on how much to post a pic of what I'm needing?
      Aug 14, 2017
    2. Torchmate
      Raechel, please post in the main forum area. Thank you.
      Aug 14, 2017
  3. LECS-Chad
    HOT AUGUST NIGHTS... where did the summer go?
  4. James Marler
    James Marler
    Active Torchmate user and sign maker...
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  5. LECS-Chad
    Stick and Mig... Now I'm welding like the big boys!! Thanks Charlie LaRiche!
  6. bigjoe
    bigjoe LECS-Chad
    What process?
  7. LECS-Chad
    Finally getting "properly" trained on welding... Now I can finally get my weld on!
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  8. LECS-Chad
    Back from Vaca and on task. TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING
  9. nwaPLASMA
    nwaPLASMA LECS-Chad
    When's the next advanced class?
    1. LECS-Chad
      you tell me...
      May 16, 2017
  10. IronsideCustoms
    IronsideCustoms Torchmate
    Hello, I have a torchmateX 5x10 with torchmate 3 software. I M trying gererate some G-code in the cad and I can seem to figure out how to change the feed rate for the tools when going to G-code. While setting up my tool paths I enter the feed rate I want, but when I generate the g-code the feed rate is at like 1500 when I set it to 90 ? How do I fix this other than manually changing it in the G-code.
    1. Torchmate
      Hello! Please post this request on the forums and you'll get help! Thank you!
      May 10, 2017
  11. dcnotpc
    dcnotpc Koon
    Would you be interested in making a grill lid with the counter weight design you have? I plan to build a brick BBQ this year and looking for some custom features.
  12. Thumper44
    New to the forum just checking things out
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  13. LECS-Chad
    Day before a scheduled Advanced Training. A little excited to be honest.
    1. bigjoe
      You have advanced training classes??
      Apr 28, 2017
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  14. Jstephens
    Very Cool !
  15. Russell Malcome
    Russell Malcome
    I run our machine at school, currently a junior.
  16. LECS-Chad
    2 day training to 3 day... MORE HANDS ON they say!
  17. LECS-Chad
    Training this week. People need to start filling this place up!
    1. sldrummer
      Looks like I need to take the class again. How do I stop the cut path from cutting off of the table outline? I dont remember :(
      Apr 18, 2017
  18. American AllWeld
    American AllWeld
    American AllWeld
  19. American AllWeld
    American AllWeld
    Hi guys My name Gordy,we have just bought a Torchmate 4400 table.We are in the learning process so please bare with us.
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    2. Torchmate
      Great! Welcome!
      Mar 6, 2017
  20. sldrummer
    Never give up, Never surrender