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  1. Storm
    Currently taking classes.
  2. bruce chouquer
    bruce chouquer
    how do i get my grid lines back to a thin black line ?
  3. Anne Razzolini
    Anne Razzolini
    Looking for the best digitizer for the 4400
  4. Sundui
    Torchmate X It's not moving after holding Datum after that everything is not working such as jogging MVC test say all 1234 is 200V
  5. nandy
    I need help with importing an image and cutting it to make center pieces for a Ball
  6. Maxwell
    Maxwell LECS-Chad
    I have a 1.3 Mb pdf file to upload to a forum. Is that possible? I looked at the tools for replies and can't see how to insert a pdf.
    1. LECS-Chad
      I dont believe PDFs have issues. try dragging dropping into the post.
      May 28, 2019
  7. LECS-Chad
  8. John O'Neill
    John O'Neill
    I am trying to find a instructional video on how to use the torchmate to manually cut material while still on the table.
  9. Galen Nelson
    Galen Nelson
    sensing delay
  10. LECS-Chad
    Hopefully everyone is cutting projects for XMas!
  11. Jared Jeffries
    Jared Jeffries LECS-Chad
    Probably a no-brainer.,BUT, when I am using 40A consumables, should my Plasma amperage control dial be set at 40A. With 60A , cut at 60A on the dial? I didn't realize this at first and guess I've been lucky. I just assumed the Amperage of the Plasma was set with the Accumove controller some how. I've been lucky I guess... been cutting with the 40A consumables and the plasma has been set at about 70A since I got it.
    1. LECS-Chad
      yes, your amperage can be LESS than the rating on the nozzle but not more.
      Dec 7, 2018
      Jared Jeffries likes this.
    2. Jared Jeffries
      Jared Jeffries
      Any damage to the machine, or will it just reduce the life of the consumables?
      Dec 11, 2018
  12. Thomas Harrison
    Thomas Harrison LECS-Chad
    how do you import a jpeg and covert it for cutting, i havent been able to find time to learn this and could use some help? i teach metal fab one day a week at a techincal college and trying to find time to learn the software and keep 15 first time metal fab students working on there projects is quite a challange.
    1. LECS-Chad
    2. LECS-Chad
      This covers both ways to import images into TMCAD.
      Dec 7, 2018
  13. LECS Matt
    Are you and your guys still having difficulties with your Flexcut 80?
      We run a Flexcut 125. We have the 6 X 14 Table X. Our problems vary. Right now i ahve an email into Support about our Plate marker.
      Nov 29, 2018
  14. Manuel
    Manuel LECS-Chad
    Chad, so I'm having trouble with the Torchmate maters. I have had my students create files on the Student Version, but I cannot upload any files onto my Master. I was wondering if you can guide me in the right direction? I have a ton of work that the kids have create and I wouldn't like to start all over. It will kill me to discard all of their work.
  15. Torchmate
    Design | Cut | Build Episode 6 is out!
  16. mick
    Hello first time on anything like this so sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place etc.
  17. LECS-Chad
    So... Anyone cutting this week? Would love to see it!
  18. Kenny Myers
    Kenny Myers
    Where are you downloading your DXF files or the patterns you use
  19. Derrick
    Hello, and thank you for adding me to this site.
  20. Torchmate
    Design | Cut | Build is coming!
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